Online Slots

The world of gambling is a fascinating one that has many faces, as many faces as there are games to play within a Casino. That is because, even though they may share a roof, these games will often attract a very different audience. Because this is such a huge world we thought it would be useful to share with you the basics of a game that is amongst the most popular ones on any Casino floor: Slots. Whether virtual or actual it would be very hard today to find a casino that does not have a section dedicated to Slots. Let’s start with the basics and take it from there.

The Slot Machine

Slots go by several different names, you can find references to them as Fruit Machines, One-arm Bandit machines, and even Pokies depending on your location. All of these names refer to the same basic mechanism, which has been around for well over one hundred years today. In its original shape, this contraption is similar to a cash register, with three sliding drums within its display and a big metal arm that enables the user to interact with it and roll the drums.

Slot machines have evolved a great deal, and today we can find a lot of different variations on the original concept, they are the most popular casino game worldwide and offer a kind of rush that some people can have enough of. 

How to Play

Playing Slots is as easy as pressing a button or pulling a lever. That is one of their strongest attractions, the fact that there is not much to worry about in terms of how to use them and they still offer decent odds compared to other games. 

You need to select your bet, interact with the machine to make it roll, and wait for your outcome. Because there are several different kinds of slots available today your experience may be a bit different with the different kinds, but at its heart, the process is the same with all of them. The notable differences include the number of drums, progressive jackpots, and allowed betting amounts.

Online Slots 

Nowadays everything is online, and slots are no exception. Around the 60s slot machines started to become quite a bit more complex than simply a lever mechanism. By the time the 90s came around, you could already see the rise of the now-famous Video Slots Machines. These video machines work on the same principle, but they do so completely digitally. Making the jump to online slots was only a matter of having the right internet presence ready to house these games. And, sure enough, as soon as the tech was ready to provide a secure environment we started to see casinos online, and the Slots were ready to take their place among the most popular games here too.

If you play Online Slots for the first time you may be a bit visually overwhelmed, because they are stunning and very flashy. The good news is that they work just the same as any other. Depending on the vendor and other details you may have some options in terms of betting, you may be offered to double-down and other such options, but that is pretty much it for differences in the game you play.

Online vs Offline

As we have touched on above, most Casino floors today offer a huge selection of Video Slots Machines. Casinos understand that pulling on that lever or pressing that button has something over clicking your mouse, so these machines are stunning and will often have clever ways for you to interact with them, but you will still be staring at a screen that is showing something very similar to what you would see on the screen of your computer. 

If you have chosen a reputable Casino you often will have nothing to worry about in terms of security, no matter if you decide to go with online or offline games, so that is a point where these two options are the same.

We feel it comes down to your preference and convenience. There sure is a very distinct feeling that comes with standing on a Casino floor, all the excited people, shiny lights, and loud noises. But that environment is not for everyone, and online Slots are top-notch in quality these days.

Some people worry that the odds may not be as favorable with online games, but the truth is that a reputable online casino is regulated just as strictly as a physical one these days. Your chances of winning are about the same no matter what type of slots game you play.

How to Choose the Best

To decide which machine to play on (online or offline), there are a couple of details you should keep in mind:

  • Denomination: This is the amount of money you are allowed to bet on any given game. Some require smaller bets, which in turn translates into less potential winnings but also less risk. If you decide to go for a higher denomination machine you should probably have an exit strategy beforehand so that you can stop after a certain threshold.
  • Visual Preference: Some machines are flashier than others. They are all pretty flashy, but a few go crazy. And that is great if you are after that sort of thing. If, on the other hand, you feel all of that is too much you will probably come to hate it after a few minutes, so take a moment before you start to decide which machine looks nice for you.
  • Jackpots: Some machines have what is known as Progressive Jackpot. This means that a small part of your bet goes to a Jackpot pool, if this is your thing you need to find out exactly what the requirements are to qualify for the jackpot before you start betting.


Slots are a tried and true way to have a lot of fun in any Casino, and they require no training or experience whatsoever to start. Be sure to give them a pull and check them out for yourself!